Reviews about Micinorm

  • Aljaž
    Until a friend made a comment about the smell of my feet, I did not suspect anything. I said I had washed her feet just an hour ago, and she immediately summed up that I had a fungus. I went online, bought the most popular cream there and started applying it on my feet and toes. Three days later, the unpleasant odor disappeared, but I finished the treatment so that my story would not be repeated.
  • Miha
    I had to be treated very quickly: I was soon planning a business trip abroad. I wanted to work without unnecessary problems. Thanks to a colleague with whom we communicate closely, I learned about Micinorm, and she even helped me order it on the website. I am very pleased with the result, now I understand why there were no negative reviews about the product at all.
  • Žiga
    Mushrooms are a rare filth. . . now it is difficult to find effective medicines at such a price. Moreover, not everyone can cope with the fungus. Micinorm proved to be really effective.
  • Sara
    Incredible value for money. But advertised and expensive funds usually do not cope with this problem. I recommend for use.
  • Kristina
    I can always easily choose a remedy on the Internet. If 100 people have tried the medicine, and most of it has helped, then chances are it will help me too. So it was with Micinorm, I picked it up for an hour. He withstood the fungus in no time, not even having to take any pills. I recommend the medicine to everyone, after 3 weeks there will be no trace of your fungus.
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