Experience of use Micinorm


Positive sides

Price, action, well absorbed.


Probably not the strongest thing. It is unfortunate that there is no more substantial volume. In my case, I had to buy more and more.

Issuance form

Micinorm anti-fungal cream is available in a 30 ml tube.


Suitable as standard. Of course, at work, you can not remove socks, put them on the table, etc. So in the morning or evening at home.


KaNo it is not always clear when to stop completely. I made this mistake.


I do not know who pays much attention to the model when there are mushrooms on the legs. Quite a normal design.


Micinorm commissioned on this site. Delivered, but then had to order more.

Score on a 5-point scale

- 4. 5

Experience of use

I will share my experience of using the new Micinorm antifungal cream. My name is Vlad. I live in Ukraine, in Kiev.

Since I rarely visit certain types of swimming pools, public baths, for me at one time the appearance of toenail fungus was simply a shock. And it's okay if I did not follow the basic standards of hygiene, but I used my personal shoes, washed my feet thoroughly, etc. And such a surprise was presented to me by the pool.

experience of use

And so began the long and even tedious treatment of mushrooms. I was advised this cream, as it is quite affordable at a price, plus it also helps with foot fungus, soothes the skin and promotes tissue regeneration at the wound site.

Overall, I started dealing with them. How to use the cream, I think you will understand. The instruction, moreover, is attached.

With nail fungus, it is important to lubricate the affected area very carefully and every day, do not skip it and cut the old one as healthy nails grow back.

That is, in fact, the cream does not just cure an existing fungus, it simply does not allow the fungus to "catch" the healthy part of the nail. And even if the nail already looks healthy, you should not succumb to the joy and stop the treatment. Fungi are not so easy to "pull" from the nail plate.

And so every morning and evening, after water procedures, I lubricated the affected area, placed a special patch so that the cream does not contaminate the sweater. Generally, it is advisable to apply the cream 3 times a day, but at work I just did not have much time to perform these manipulations according to all the rules.

It seemed to me that I had already cured the fungus for a few months. The nails looked healthy in appearance. And that's exactly what led me to the mistake. I decided that would be okay and stopped using Micinorm.

experience of use 5. 2 months

According to the law of meanness, after a while my problem returned. Therefore, you should apply this cream, even if from the outside, as it seems to you, everything is fine. The fungus will not surrender its territory so easily.

In general, the cream is acceptable in the smell, it also has a deodorizing effect on the feet, although the aroma is not floral, but it is pleasant. Plus it affects the skin and makes it softer and heals.

In addition, I was later told that this cream should be used even if you have no mushrooms at all, but will visit a place where you can "find" it. Water park or pool.

I treated it with Micinorm cream, maybe a year ago I got my feet and took a picture, I am attaching it. If I buy it for prevention (and my baby started going to the pool), then I will buy and add a review.

experience of use 8. 1 month

I took pictures when I started, after 5 months of applying Micinorm cream (when the fungus came back again), and when I finally got rid of it, d. m. th. after 8 (!!! ) months.