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You can buy a cream in Slovenia on the official website. The cost of Micinorm anti-fungal cream from the manufacturer is € 39.

You can place an order by filling out the form on the official website with the domain name and phone number.

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27 years
An excellent remedy for toenail fungus has appeared in Slovenia - Micinorm. Micinorm antifungal cream is based on natural oils and medicinal plants. Helps to get rid of itching, dryness, cracks and quickly eliminates unpleasant odors. I often recommend creams for my patients. It promotes rapid recovery even in advanced situations. Of course, with a progressive purulent process, the medicine needs to be supplemented with other medicines. The same goes for other fungal complications, which require combination therapy.


Fungi are a common problem and are not easy to treat. Micinorm antifungal cream is the simplest solution. You can buy it online, order it on the official website at a bargain price.

The anti-fungal cream is completely safe for the body, has a universal effect. Let's take a closer look at the features of the cream.

We are not always able to independently recognize the presence of a fungus in our body. Symptoms can range from dry skin to yellowed nails. In the very early stages of development, the fungus does not cause much concern, so many ignore it. However, the more the infection develops, the harder it is to fight it later, so we strongly recommend that you monitor your health and respond in a timely manner to the following symptoms: itchy skin, itching, heavy sweating of the feet, unpleasant odor, yellow nails, thickened nails, cracked heels, toes etc; diaper rash on the armpits, behind the ears, on the groin, dry lips and skin, herpes, increased fatigue, drowsiness, bad mood.

Despite the above symptoms, the presence of a fungal infection can manifest in different ways because each organism is unique.

If you have the impression that the symptoms listed above apply to almost everyone in Slovenia, then they are. Mycoses (diseases of fungal nature) affect about 85% of the population, some in mild, some in a more severe form.

You should not mask the manifestations of the infection, it is important to fight the cause and it is much easier to do so in the initial stage of fungal development.


All the manifestations listed in this article are associated with the development of fungi in the body. You should especially carefully monitor yourself for the following categories of people:

People with walking jobs are also at risk. Fatigue of the legs leads to a more intense development of the disease.

Micinorm cream is applied topically, on the spot, at the site of symptoms.


The balanced composition of the new anti-fungal cream Micinorm allows you to quickly get rid of the problem, reducing the likelihood of recurrence. The main components of the cream are natural extracts.

There are no aggressive chemical ingredients in the composition, only useful natural ingredients. The product completely heals the skin, working to restore its epidermis protection. It does not cause addiction, even with prolonged use.

The cream comes in a convenient bottle with a dispenser. The product has a pleasant structure and a slight herbal aroma. Leaves no greasy marks on clothes. You can store the product at temperatures up to 25 C. Shelf life - 24 months from the date of manufacture.


The frequency and duration of the drug depends on the severity of the skin disease. On average, 2-3 packets of cream are required for a complete cure.

For mild mycosis - use once a day, treating the affected area and the skin around the lesion.

In severe form, use up to 3 times a day.

The application course is 4 weeks. If necessary, repeat the course after a 5-day break.


The current price in Slovenia is presented on the official website - € 39 - find out the price in another country. The tool is consumed sparingly, as it is applied topically to the affected area. We strongly recommend you to buy Micinorm cream only on the manufacturer's website, so as not to fall victim to scammers. Do not risk your health because the current price is already quite low, given the high efficiency of the product. You can order the cream in any city; all of Slovenia is located in the east.

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